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While the patriarchal workplace can be a dangerous place for women, a place of systems where wage gaps, glass ceilings, sexism, and dead-end jobs snag the ambitious, Lutgen-Sandviks employee abusive organization theory, and McPhee's communication constitution of organizations theory, illuminate communications that reveal who and what a company really is. Together, and parallel with Behrendt's framework, women can pay closer attention to the signs and symptoms of unhealthy workplace culture.


From onboarding, job expectations, shared missions, and advancement opportunities, well-informed decision-making is essential for dating, or marrying into professional relationships. And it is the well-equipped woman, the girl who’s paying attention, who will model a way, and forge a path, to healthier relationships. Relationships that bustle with opportunity, burgeon with advancement, and secure sustainable futures not only for herself but for the women around her.


This is the leadership of the future. This is matriarchal.


Let's talk about it.

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