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Creative Projects
Coeur d'Femme Zine

Vol 1: The Heart of Feminism

Vol 2: He's Just Not That Into You
(work edition) 

Using Adobe InDesign, I published two

collections of original articles, research, activities, and elements designed to inspire young women in critical thinking and well-informed decision making.

Community Placemaking
The Hive - Creative Coworking (2019 - 2022)


"There comes a point when we have to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they're falling in."

- Desmond Tutu 


  In 2018 I began thinking about how to align my career in vocational education with my passion for empowering   women. Creating The Hive  was a love letter to my community. Designed as a creative coworking space, The Hive   served local ambitious women by hosting workshops, and pop-up events, and standing as a warm and artistically   curated place to meet up with clients and customers; it was a space for women to show up in their   entrepreneurial  talents - in their own way - and on their own time. While this venture was not able to thrive   amidst local politics and a global pandemic, I am deeply proud of what I created.  From business planning and   cultural development, defining levels of scalability, and branding and design, to marketing, communications,   public speaking, and community engagement, everything I learned from opening (and closing) The Hive, was     experiential - and profoundly impacted my existence as a creative professional. 

Making Space & Making Headlines


"Think like a leader," she advises young people, especially women. "Act like your business is a new life you were called to steward; take ownership of your own life and make something out of it, something beautiful, something wild and free from the template created by those who never designed it with women in mind." 

- The Inlander

"The Hive is among many female-focused workspaces gaining traction nationwide as women entrepreneurs and freelancers look for an alternative to traditional offices, with resources and training to grow their businesses."

-The Spokesman Review 

"Both Cadwalladers have their hearts in the pulse of the community. They understand the vibrant, entrepreneurial spirit of North Idaho and they want to provide a space where business owners and freelancers, students and retirees, can share ideas, knowledge, and inspiration."

- CDA Press

Design Tour & Placemaking Efforts

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