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The Hive Update: Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Gosh, we have fallen in love with this precious little downtown fixer-upper. She's an old soul, built in the 40s, and a face lift wasn't enough to get her ready for guests. She's been re-wired, re-stored, and re-designed while keeping her values in place. We are in the final stretch of this unique project and I think she's getting excited for her debut.

Here's what's up:

  • Electrical: finished! Thank you to Fuse Electric. This is an old building, so the work was not easy. Grateful for our local professionals who got it all up to code.

  • HVAC: we have heat! We have AC! And its brand-spanking new.

  • Furniture: we've collected and curated an eclectic mix of new and repurposed pieces, all of which are to inspire creative conversations and provide stunning backdrops for the real work of art: YOU.

  • Fixtures: kitchenette counters, new toilet and unique sinks are IN!

  • Paint is going down next week, special thanks to Kate Mosgrove of Dovetail Home Designs. Kate has been taking the lead on helping us make the best choices for our space. She is a huge resource treasure and cannot wait to spotlight her work in the next month!

  • Plants: so. many. Our fave ever plant shop, Fern, opened up right around the corner. This is most definitely NOT helping us manage our plant addiction.

  • Signage: working with our BFF's, Jake and Noelle Flaherty of We Got Wood Northwest, and cannot wait to show you what we've been working on and see it all come together. (sniff, sniff...its so good!)

  • Marketing: finishing up a branding refresh with Madison Inouye of MDSN Design and we couldn't be more pleased. Fresh, clean, and just what we needed.

  • COVID: precautions and sanitations are in the works - safety is our utmost concern here, and we are staying alert and informed to best practices for cowork spaces.