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She Says: Tiana Simmons

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Last week someone asked me, “how are you always so happy?”

Just yesterday, another friend informed me that I am known for my beaming positivity.

Really fu**ing cool to hear. Especially now, when my hearts probably the messiest it’s ever been.

*Surprise* I have a life outside of pretty instagram squares. I am NOT happy all the time and it’s absolutely terrifying being a positive, hopeful person in this shitty world filled with shitty people who lie and cheat and take the easy way out, and stomp on flowers, and hurt animals, and are just rude for no reason! But you know what’s even more terrifying… allowing shitty things to have control over your attitude or the way you treat people.

Negative energy towards other people, or certain circumstances, is more toxic to you physically, and mentally, than you can even begin to understand. However, feeling hurt or scared or sad or angry is okay, so FEEL THE THINGS. Seriously, allow yourself to be pissed. Life sucks ALOT. It ruins your plans. It breaks your heart. Often. It crushes dreams and takes people away that you LOVE even when you are doing your BEST. It’s okay to not be okay about those things.

What’s not okay, though, is to hang on to those emotions and let them harden you and, in retrospect, bring that negativity into other people’s lives. That’s the one thing YOU are in control of. So, feel the things. ACCEPT what has happened – it’s out of your control. Allow yourself the grieving process.

Losing anything you want is hard and sometimes it's not fair, not at all. But you are so damn powerful, and in control of your happiness and the way you perceive things. Believe me, the only thing that can

single handedly ruin your life and your happiness is who and where YOU choose to place your focus.

Have that conversation with yourself. What are you giving focus to that doesn’t deserve your precious, happy energy?