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She Says: "My Moon" poetry by Noelle Flaherty

My Moon.

I'm peacefully wrapped in a blanket under this spell as she casts illumination on all of my shadows, and adds contrast to all of my light.

She is paradoxical and soul-quickening, showing me exactly who I am within the context of her power and influence.

I am soothed by invulnerable surrender, white flag in hand.

This in-and-of-itself deadened satellite, that passively sits in the heavens, clinging to the weighty atmosphere of its host with no source of its own power, is shamelessly collecting the energy and glory of the sun-star for the sake of display.

She must be seen and known for her scars and imperfections, inflicted by a beautiful yet sometimes cruel and haphazard universe that pays little mind to mere satellites.

She is the humanity of the sky;

The simplest, most base conduit of God-hood and glory you will ever find yourself enchanted with.

She's doing what it takes to make herself known.

She's demanding to be seen and refuses to die.

Even when the degenerative laws, that she was once bound and entrapped by, suggest that she should.

Death is not her fate.

Life and expansion rightfully belong to her.

She's turning her marred face to the purest source of light she can find, persistently spinning round in suspension, blinded by promise, and deafeningly demanding validation.

"See me!

See my suffering!

Watch me as I collect magic from this limitless space and make it my crown."

Beloved, you are crowned.

~ Noelle