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She Says: Kristin Louise

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Kristin, like many women juggling life and parenting in this wild time, took a pivot in her career and followed her gut. These kind of moves are not for the faint of heart. I asked Kristin to share a nugget of wisdom from her experience in hopes of passing on some grit to other women (perhaps you?) who might be facing similar forks in the road.



What an opportunity, 2020.

The world shuts down, recalibrates, reflects, and hopefully enacts progression and change from a wiser, more introspective, enlightened place? Yes, please.

No doubt this has been a year to remember, but at the end of the day, we as individuals are still the determining factor of how we interpret our year and reflections. I am choosing adventure. Yes, I am a single mom working a full time job and if I am being honest, I have been a really crappy home school mom amidst this pandemic.

We have chosen a lot of free-range, independent, build your own adventures/education. The outcome so far? Lots of laughter, smiles, talks about mental health and big dreams brewing. It's actually been pretty awesome and inspired me to make my own pivots within my professional life. 

"Listen to your gut" is what 2020 has yelled at me, and I have been leaning in hard and good.

"Life is short!"

"What relationships are you valuing?"

"What toxic family members do you need to cut cords with?"

"What career move, or climb, have you been striving for?"

"What fears or grudges have been holding you back?"