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She's a Look: Courtney Harper

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Whose a look? She's a look. Whatever she's curating, whatever she chooses to adorn herself with - she is the complete package. This edition highlights one of the boldest, baddest makeup loving femmes in North Idaho, Courtney Harper. Courtney is known for her colorful and creatively inspired makeup looks and we think you should hear from her.


Coming out of quarantine was a bit scary- we’ve formed new habits in our homes, safe ideals and adding not a lot of social interaction to this mixture— I think I had grown to love my own hermit shell. The only thing I really let grow and push was my creativity (mostly out of boredom if I'm being honest) little did I know that was one of the only characteristics that kept me from a dark place. 

This makeup may just look like a lot of sparkles and neon —but it symbolizes, at least to me, allowing your creativity to FLOW out of you like running water. do something that scares & excites you. especially coming out of such a weird space like quarantine. you never know what can be birthed by listening to where your creative mind wants to take you. let those fears that hold you back from trying that cute trend, that wild makeup look, that thing that might get you “judged” by others, GO. do it. try it. let it flow. i promise it will be worth it.