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She's A Look: Chantelle Steinke

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

With Covid prompting everyone to make shifts within their craft, beauty industry professionals master the art of creative solutions. Chantelle stands out from the crowd because of her ongoing investment into herself through improving skill sets, both personally and professionally. Here, she shares FOUR PRODUCTS that are a must-have for this fall/winter season.



Oh 2020, where do we even begin?  It sure has been quite the doozy, if you ask me. With time seeming to race by, it's easy to forget about ourselves and what we need to feel our best.

As a hairstylist, I've been lucky enough to make a career on just that, helping others to feel their best inside and out! These last several months have given the beauty industry some pretty huge opportunities to pivot. It's allowed for change an appreciation for our businesses and the ability to really hone in on what we want.

Client interactions have shifted, especially with new clients. Without social media, I wouldn't know what most people look like without the mask!  We also can't rely on reading lips when we talk, so we have to pay extra attention. With that being said, I try to keep a great mindset and have as much gratitude for each and every client that sits in my chair.

Educating my clients on at home hair care is a large part of being their stylist, and I believe it is THE most important part of having and maintaining good, healthy and resilient hair.