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Lead(h)er: Recover Chaos and Chill the F*ck Out!


One of the many things I have witnessed with my clients, friends and family is a sense of defeat, feeling stuck, frustrated with their bodies or not having control of their lives.  I hear a lot of "I can't" and comments about age, gender or financial limitations.  I am not one to accept defeat or restrictions very well for myself or others. I will always challenge negative thoughts that limit potential opportunity.  Ask my husband!  So, that is what inspired me to write the 8 Self Care Myths Busted.  With a little bit of let's get real attitude, I hope to encourage others to look past their "I can't" to get to "I CAN".  My saying, You can do something about that, you don't have to suffer!" was birthed from this passion to provide encouragement to those who want to overcome their chaos and reclaim their power.   

I received my certification of massage therapy in 2004, after finishing the Massage Therapy program, through the University of Alaska Anchorage.  Contemporary Cupping Methods, Active Isolated Stretching, Thai Yoga Massage Therapy, Thai reflexology,  Reiki, Energetic Balancing: Musculoskeletal and Meridian Reflexology are some of the modalities I utilize in my practice. I moved to North Idaho with my husband and 3 kids in 2008.  I enjoy hunting, hiking, fishing, gardening, knitting, food made for me (it's the way to my heart), a glass of wine or dark ale and am a closet musician/singer (from the age of 11).   I am a lifelong learner. obsessed with all things related to holistic health and love finding ways to think/live outside the box!

Here is where you can find my first download for self-care, where I break down eight myths and offer suggestions on how to get started making real changes:


Lead(h)er is a segment for offering support, guidance and leading others in practices that enhance body, mind and spirit. If you would like to submit a practice for consideration, email us at ATTN: Lead(h)er. We want to hear what you have to say!