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Lead(h)er: Jessica Mahuron

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

If you haven't met her in person, Jessica is a local gem. She works hard to ensure our local community knows whats at stake at the ballots, and she labors intensively to make sure we know how, when, and where to VOTE. Through the Civic Engagement Alliance, Jessica created a site that gathers information, education and CDA town hall meetings were we can see and hear from nominated politicians. Now more than ever, our votes matter. Here is our local hero, Jessica Mahuron, with a VOTING 411:


Civic Engagement Alliance organized a CDA VOTES 2020 campaign to increase voter turnout locally and encourage informed voting. Our four main initiatives carried out successfully:

1) Over 100 volunteers sent out over 2,100 educational vote reminder postcards. We combined art with personalized nonpartisan voter engagement messaging & education to community members.

2) We organized a series of safe in-person voter mobilization drives.

3) We created a nonpartisan local voting resources portal on our website at to help people research down-ballot races and ballot measures. This is a one-stop-shop that integrates quality resources such as VOTE 411, Ballotpedia, Vote Smart, and the CDA Press Meet the Candidates. We designed and distributed a locally focused, visual voting resource door hanger, meant for first-time or occasional voters.