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Lead(h)er: Full Moon & New Moon Rituals

The moon is an amplifier of polarity. Let her show you both the bright & shadow. This is not the place for your timidity or smallness, for she has no judgement. Moon rites and rituals are simply an alignment and gathering of resources and a tapping into a different kind of wisdom and medicine.

The moon has secrets and magic that can make our life’s expression more authentic and meaningful.

Her cadence and rhythm calls us to a state of being that is outside and other than the systems and pace humans have joined themselves with sometimes in folly and ignorance to our true essence. Personal burnout, resistance and stuntedness can be indicators that we’ve yielded ourselves to systems that don’t suit our needs.

Moon, however, holds secrets of another way.

She is intuitive, dual and in need of nothing to be whole. She holds the light and dark in equal fashion, not paying favor to either, for they are both needed for the ultimate goal of balance, which her entire energy is spent on maintaining. She carries within her arcane memories and echos of goddess-hood and resilience. All we need to do is humbly inquire of her with open hands and wild, untamed hearts.

Blessed and happy ritual, beloveds,

Noelle Flaherty



A full moon ritual begins in the new moon phase.

The endless black sky in absence of light sets the stage.

A blank canvass begging to be drenched in your co-creative magic.


If we are rebuilding this iterate scene, moon waxing into her fullness, hung from sky, what can be left behind?

What practices, behaviors, longings and desires no longer serve the {you} that you are today, the {you} that you are intentionally becoming?

What are the creature comforts that may have been soothing, even needful before but tell stories of yesterday’s version of {you}?

See these tools, thank them for their place in your thriving and survival and release them back to where they came


This may feel like a free fall.

Tools can find intimate, warm places within us.