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HerStory: Ashley Mata

Updated: Nov 10, 2020


I find matriarchy to be less about mothering in the sense of reproduction, and more about a feminine perspective on leadership and responsibility - one that does not always agree or align with patriarchal expectations. I believe it's about asking ourselves: how can we make space for another? Making space is what we are doing when we choose to carry a life in our womb, after all.

Those "cravings" we have when pregnant? Consider them less about wacky hormones and more about receiving notifications from the life we are fostering. That house we are governing? Consider it less about making sure the flooring matches the furniture, and more about creating the first culture of unconditional love and acceptance that those we lead will experience and develop a set of standards from. I believe a desire to lead must first include an interest and curiosity as to whom we are leading. What do they need? What do they require - for healthy growth and development. Are they free to be themselves, or are they expected to fit a predesigned template?

The ancient Greek teacher and philosopher, Protagoras, said: man is the measure of all things. It means we are who those we lead say we are. If we are good teachers, it is our students who have the right to say so, not us. If we are a good friend, it is our friends who hold the power to measure our goodness. I may be a teacher by profession, but if I'm inspiring or influential - well, that's for someone, who has learned something from me, to say.

The Hive was conceived as a space for local femmes to tap into potential, explore ambitious pursuits, and be connected to others, where we can offer both guidance and support to one another - as we are all connected within a healthy ecosystem. If we are to ever know what our community needs, we must place ourselves at the intersection of diverse experiences.

This segment of HerStory is a Q & A with Ashley Mata, graphic design student at North Idaho College, local barista, and one of our family's favorite humans. Her unique perspective of living here in CDA, if we truly care about the current culture and climate within our community, is one we ought closely listen to.



Melinda: Introductions, please.

Ashley: Sources say she is: vivid, eccentric, off-beat, unprompted, and illuminating,

M: What are you studying at North Idaho College?

A: Web/Graphic Design Program

M: When did you start at NIC, and have you been a full time student or a mix of full/part time?

A: I started at NIC last year fall 2019 right after I graduated high school. I’ve always been a full time student.