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HerStory: Alena Horowitz

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I met Alena at the CDA Flea this summer. Her booth was overflowing with unique articles of clothing, statement earrings and curios trinkets. What really captivated me was how every piece had a story - where it came from, what it means, or why you should give it a new home. With her ease of conversation and bold eclectic style, Alena's presence added a necessary flair to my flea market experience, so I asked her to share a bit of her journey as a creative entrepreneur.



The idea for THE WAVY BUNCH originally dawned on me during my senior year of college in my final fashion thesis class. I had several Bohemian-type male friends with long hair, varied world views and personal philosophies. They weren’t afraid to wear color and break the “rules” of modern menswear, yet they found it very hard to find clothing that matched their free-spirited lifestyle. A whole new world of inspiration and ideas were brought to life in my energized mind.

After graduating with double baccalaureate degrees in Fashion and Interior Design, I enrolled myself in a year-long intensive Entrepreneurship Management program called Venture College. Here, for 3-hours a day, 3-times per week, I worked alongside other

student-founders, researched and analyzed my target markets, built rapid-fire business plans, learned to “fail fast and try again,” conducted brainstorming sessions, met with mentors, and pitched to investors. I started planning my first original line of highly-embroidered menswear using my skills in product development and CAD software.