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Goddess Guide: BeSpook with Cassie

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

During this time, finding a sense of normalcy has been difficult to say the least. We are blessed to live in an area with the energy of life still roaming the streets, jobs remaining open for employees to keep food on the table, and the pleasure of stores reopening so people may shop the stress away. It’s me, I am people, shopping the stress away.

But, if we take a moment to reflect on our surroundings, normal is the last feeling we are left to feel. Signs perched on every window: “mask required” or “please keep a 6 foot distance for the safety of others”. This is in no way disrespecting the actions taken by businesses, as the more effort put into safety, the better chance we have of seeing a light at the end of this tunnel. Yet, it is a weary time.

Seven months ago I would have never imagined living a life of half -aced civilians, feeling uneasy when someone gets too close, or even experiencing the possibility of not being able to see a friend or family member because they were exposed.

For the first few months, it felt temporary. As if, one day we would all wake up to “congratulations! You made it through the pandemic!” Then, months later, reality has set in. There will be no celebration anytime soon and this is how life must remain, for the time being. We must remember that eventually the stress will wear itself out, friends and family will again reunite, and we will all be able to cease the constant fear of making fatal mistakes. When that day will be - I am not sure, my friend. Unfortunately, no one is sure. But, what I have been able to learn throughout these months: enjoy what you have. In this moment of uncertainty, we can all agree that our blessings shine extra bright, right now. So, BE blessed. Experience the jovial feeling of what life has gifted you thus far, bad or good, for at the end of the day, there’s always a blessing hidden beneath. It may not be visible quite yet, but that is okay. Like with any masterpiece, time is needed.


This month, for the Goddess Guide, I wanted to introduce an enlightening practice: Tarot.

Tarot is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards as an element of spiritual practice.

I picked up Tarot reading last summer, at a time of wanting to gain more clarity and guidance on what I should do for myself and how to reassign my way of thinking. Tarot is a tool to directly speak and listen to the Divine. Who or what the divine is - is up to you. There’s no judgement here, so however you wish to interpret, it is completely up to you. Regardless, Tarot will show you what you need to hear. The question is: do you have the ears to hear?

With the intention of reading for The Hive, here is the card I drew:

~The Two Of Wands~