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Fresh Face, New Space: Radiant Retro

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Whether you're new on the scene or a fond familiar face, The Hive is here to help lift your project or venture off the ground. For our Fresh Face, New Space segment we showcase a sweet write up and quick shout out to help get you seen. For this edition, we chose Radiant Retro, a unique shoppe located within Looking Glass Antiques, curated by Haiden Tripp.


My name is Haiden Tripp & I’m your girl behind Radiant Retro! I love cats, plants, clothing with a good waist line & Mexican food.

Radiant Retro has always been something that I’ve secretly wanted to do and so many people around me would comment on the clothes I would wear, with “where’d you get that?” Or “that’s so cool” and I’d always respond with— I thrifted it! I went through university for apparel and merchandising, I learned about the fashion life cycle, sustainability, and the crisis of fast fashion clothing which has inspired me to make changes in the way I get my clothes.

After managing boutiques and moving all around Idaho, Oregon and Colorado. I finally took the dive and made my hobby something that everyone can shop and be apart of!

Radiant Retro is for the women who want to shop sustainably, who want something that makes them stand out, and who want to become more of themselves through dress. The best part about Radiant Retro is that anything goes— there are no rules or expectations. The booth is stocked with clothing and accessories from all eras &  trends.

My plan for Radiant Retro is to continue to grow and share the pieces I’ve picked on all platforms...but for now check it out at The Looking Glass or on Instagram (@radiant.retro).