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Fresh Face, New Space: CDA Flea

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Q: How do you know when your creative small town has arrived?

A: When it hosts its very own FLEA MARKET!

Weekends were made for magic; sipping and browsing, strolling and meandering. This summer, the CDA FLEA showed up on the scene and gave us treasure worth putzing around for. Located in the lush courtyard of The Roosevelt Inn, guests were invited to come sip on sangria and wander through various booths brimming with eclectic goods and curious finds, creating a most enchanting scene for adventurers. I'd like to introduce you to the women behind this venture and let them tell you a little about this new gem added to our lake town crown of jewels.



CDA Flea
CDA Flea curators, Nicole Robitaille and Alexis Kralicek

We are Nicole Robitaille and Alexis Kralicek, better known as Coeur d'Alene Flea Market. When we are not working our day jobs or organizing our monthly events, we tend to be outdoors, playing with our dogs (also best friends!), or thrifting.

Alexis moved to Eugene, OR in 2011 and was studying International Relations before they again met up in Portland, OR. Nicole finished her BFA in Graphic Design and Business in Portland and then moved to Venice, CA to work in the field. The idea of CDA Flea blossomed when Nicole first moved back to the area from Venice and noticed the thing she missed most was the availability and appreciation of second-hand goods. She has always had an affinity for vintage clothing & decor and wanted to create something for the people of Coeur d'Alene that would inspire others to delve into the world, while also giving back to our own local community. We each have different strengths that when put together, create a system that! We feel lucky to each have a part that reflects our personal talents in the business.

The Coeur d'Alene Flea Market is a place for thrifters, collectors, and lovers of all things special. Unlike a traditional Flea, we also have new items, all unique and handmade, each representing the individuals behind the magic. We allow a place for artists, bakers, pickers, etc. to share their love for their crafts. The purpose of the Flea is to bring our community together, celebrate each other's differences, and build each other up, all while listening to good music and meeting new friends. We find it important to be open and inclusive to all people around us, whatever their beliefs or backgrounds. The aim is simple, to create an environment that continues to be beneficial, relevant, and positive for all involved.