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Flexible Felines: Nicole Tweedy & Rue Olp

Women in Real Estate coming together to create something new? Uh, yes please! We are here for this. I sent Nicole Tweedy and Rue Olp of Idaho Hometown Realty some questions to bring light to their endeavors and share what being femmes and friends in this industry was like for them. I enjoyed reading their robust relationship bounce through the page - it's full of empowerment, healthy dialogue and models a friendship we all hope to find.



Melinda: Tell me your story - what has this ambitious journey into Real Estate looked like for you?

Nicole: I Worked at Costco for 13 years as a supervisor. Felt complacent and like there was no other career path on my horizon. I always wanted to be a Realtor, but with kids and a husband, and also the security that came with a job like Costco, I never felt like it was a good time.

Photo compliments of the Tweedy family.

After stepping down from management, I felt brave enough to take that leap of faith. It hasn’t been easy. But I'm very goal oriented and self motivated. I had my best year yet in 2020, and I'm looking forward to this new adventure with Rue.

Rue: I Worked as a hairstylist for over 16 years. My husband kept bringing up Real Estate as a great opportunity for me and my family. One major reason was so that we could potentially work together. My husband is a General Contractor in the area, and felt like it was a perfect opportunity to blend our two different jobs that really compliment each other. My experience with hair gave me a lot of skills when working with people and really listening to their needs.

Photo compliments of the Olp family.

M: How did you two meet? Tell me about your friendship.

T: Rue and I met at our Post Falls office. We would always go to “Opportunity Tuesday”. Which is a meeting to hold agents accountable, informed, and motivated. I am so drawn to genuine people. Rue was someone who was so authentic. Take her or leave her, and she is fine either way. I love that about her!

O: Nicole and I met working at the Post Falls office together. You know how sometimes you just click with people and are somewhat drawn to their personalities? I think that was Nicole for me. She is confident and genuine and trustworthy.

M: Describe the moment you both agreed to go into business together - how did you make it official?